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Latest Travels: Paris, Copenhagen, London & Dublin

Hello friends, It’s been quite a while, but my time here in France is coming to a close very soon. With just four weeks as a teaching assistant left, I’m trying to squeeze in as much travel as possible. Back in February, Jane and Kira visited and we embarked on a #SquadEuroTrip2K17. We hit Paris, Copenhagen, London and Dublin. It was a whirlwind for sure. Check out some of my photos from the trip and watch my travel vlogs below. Bisous, Alexa

Bonne courage: arriving in France

As of last Wednesday, I am officially back in the land of Pain au Chocolat. The journey here was a long one. This time, I opted for the cheaper route and ended up taking three planes, two taxis and two trains to reach my Airbnb. I’m staying in the pedestrian-only zone of the city so when my taxi driver dropped me off on the street that bordered it, he plopped my big, red suitcase on the sidewalk and pointed up the steepest incline I’ve probably ever seen, and tells me it’s all the way at the top. Good luck. And if I didn’t already think my life was some sort of comedy or secret long-running prank show on MTV, I definitely did now. You could say I made a lasting first impression on all of the French people on the street and in restaurants who stopped what they were doing to stare as the funny American girl dragged Big Red up the cobblestone hill with all of the willpower she could muster. A group of middle …

City Guide: Paris

As some of you may know, I studied abroad in Paris, France in the fall of 2015. It was such a cool experience, which you can read more about here. A friend of mine went on a Eurotrip recently and I made her a little list of places to go while she was in Paris. After making the list, I decided to turn it into a little city guide to share with others visiting or studying in Paris. Paris is such a magical place to me and I hold so much love in my heart for that city. I was only there for three months though, so I am in no way an expert. This list could be totally touristy for all I know, but these are places I liked to go and would recommend to others traveling to the City of Light. Enjoy! C’est Cool. Generally Cool Areas-dubbed so by moi Latin Quarter  Sites include: Markets of Rue Mouffetard, La Sorbonne, & The Pantheon You can get here from a few different metro stops In the …