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Pack Like A Minimalist: 3 Months, 1 Carry-On

Hello friends! I’ll be getting ready to head back to France soon and have been trying to figure out how to pack lighter. You might recall hearing (horror) stories about dragging my ginormous suitcase, that I lovingly refer to as “Big Red,” around Europe. It’s a monstrosity and I really don’t want to travel with it again anytime soon. So, I made a promise to myself to only pack in a carry-on suitcase and backpack for my next 3 month trip/semester abroad. If you’re getting ready to study abroad or go on a long-term trip, check out how I manage to fit everything in a carry-on suitcase here:

5 Things I Love About France

Hello friends! In honor of Bastille Day yesterday, I decided to talk about my favorite things about France. From the fresh baguettes and pastries to the awesome public transportation system, there’s so much I love about living in France. Check out my top 5 favorite French things in the video below: 

And So It Begins: My First Week As An English Assistant

A lot has happened since I last wrote. My roommate and fellow assistant Emmy (who is blogging about her experience here) and I found a super cute apartment in the city center. All of the assistants gathered in Nice for orientation, which gave us the chance to meet each other and take in a ton of information (all in French of course). Picture freshman orientation but all in French so we were all très fatigué par le fin, non? Oui. After orientation, it was time to start working in the schools. I had already gotten a tour, met some of the English teachers and sat in on a class last week. But I officially started this week. I went to a few classes and did an awkward speech class “about me” PowerPoint. It turns out public speaking is slightly less terrifying when you know the audience can’t fully understand what you’re saying. The students were so friendly, welcoming and very interested in asking me questions the first day. On day two, I went to a different …

City Guide: Paris

As some of you may know, I studied abroad in Paris, France in the fall of 2015. It was such a cool experience, which you can read more about here. A friend of mine went on a Eurotrip recently and I made her a little list of places to go while she was in Paris. After making the list, I decided to turn it into a little city guide to share with others visiting or studying in Paris. Paris is such a magical place to me and I hold so much love in my heart for that city. I was only there for three months though, so I am in no way an expert. This list could be totally touristy for all I know, but these are places I liked to go and would recommend to others traveling to the City of Light. Enjoy! C’est Cool. Generally Cool Areas-dubbed so by moi Latin Quarter  Sites include: Markets of Rue Mouffetard, La Sorbonne, & The Pantheon You can get here from a few different metro stops In the …