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Kicking Off The Christmas Season In Paris

All good things must come to an end.

Unfortunately for Kira and I that meant saying goodbye in Paris last weekend before Kira headed home to spend Christmas in Kenya.

But before she left, we got to enjoy my favorite city together. Somehow we managed to drag all of her bags and art supplies from Hyères to Paris with success. We hopped on another train (this time a not-so-high-speed one, thanks to an accident which resulted in a delay) for our last Mary-Kate and Ashley adventure.

On Friday night, Hillsong Paris was hosting its annual Sisterhood Women’s Conference. The event was in the most beautiful theatre where they served some pretty delicious pumpkin soup and had nail, hair and makeup stations set up if one so desired a miniature makeover. It’s always so good to get to go back to Hillsong and sing familiar worship songs in French.

After the service, we headed back to our hostel to watch the first episode of “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.” No spoilers here, but we were satisfied enough with the “Winter” episode. I can’t exactly say the same for the “Spring,” “Summer” and “Fall” episodes which took us on a pretty emotional roller coaster ride. We expected a little more, but I’ll stop rambling…

On Saturday, we met up at a quintessential Parisian cafe in the 7th arrondissement for tea/coffee with one of my college professors, Dr. Stratford. She introduced us to a super chic market street I hadn’t visited before. Be sure to check out Rue Cler next time you’re in Paris. C’est très mignon! Next, we made our way to Le Bon Marché to check out the department store with all of its Christmas decor while Kira shopped for lipstick. It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without at least a little shopping. We ended the day snacking on Speculoos crepes in the Jardin de Tuileries after hanging out at the very crowded Christmas market on the Champs-Élysées. Finalement, we headed back to the hostel to watch a few more “Gilmore Girls” episodes. Quelle surprise.

Kira and I didn’t want to end the trip with our “Gilmore Girls” disappointment and luckily for us, our hostel was hosting an “American Frat Party Night.” So funny! Needless to say, we got some pretty good people watching in there. Who would’ve thought you could attend your first frat party in France?

I’ll hopefully be seeing both Paris and Kira again very soon!


Paris travel vlog:

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