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Smells & Experiences: An Ash Soap Review

Think about your grandmother.

Picture your first car.

Imagine the streets of Paris.

You probably also thought about what those things smelled like.

The human mind attaches certain smells to specific experiences, people or places. It’s a beautiful thing, really, and it’s something that Ash Soap tries to capture in their handmade soap products. It’s something that they capture well.

The soap comes in very minimalistic, black packaging with block lettering. After taking a marketing class in the spring, I can’t help but admire good packaging and Ash Soap definitely got it right. This clean and simple theme shows up in, not just the package, but in the product itself. The soap smells of peppermint and a sweetness that I can’t quite put my finger on. Essential oils, peppermint and cedar, combine with charcoal to create an amalgamation of a soft, gentle cleanser.

I used the soap block on both my body and face and found it to be a satisfying, cool solution to a heat-beaten summer day.

You can check out Ash Soap’s website here.

Ash Soap was kind enough to send me one of their soaps to review. These are my true opinions. 

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