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My Favorite Spots In Paris

I fell in love with Paris. Hard. No surprise there. Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the little spaces and places I frequented while studying in the city of light.

1.McDonald’s at Jardin de Luxembourg

Amy and I took many trips to the McDonald’s all over Paris, but our favorite was hands-down the Luxembourg chain. It was two or three stories tall and we enjoyed sitting in the lower level, surrounded by French students. We also frequented the Cluny and Montparnasse McDonald’s.

2. Somewhere on the Banks of The Seine River

One of my favorite nights in Paris was when Abigail, Amy, Jen, and I went to the Seine. We found a spot somewhere on the banks and Abigail played her ukulele (our attempt at making French friends: lure them in with our music). Our attempt wasn’t entirely successful, but it’s still one of my favorite nights in Paris. It was still the beginning of the semester and I remember feeling like I could do anything. The whole world was made small on our little spot on the Seine.

3. Boulangerie Secco on Rue de Sevres

This bakery gave me life and pain au chocolat. It sat a little farther along the road, across the street from our dorm and we’ll just say that I was a regular.

4. Latin Quarter/Student District at the Maubert – Mutualité Metro Stop

The Latin Quarter is something to see, for sure. All of these winding streets meet in the middle of a cafe circle. Not to mention, that the prices of food and clothing were so much cheaper in this area. It was cool to mix and mingle with French students and shop at this spot.

5. Le Mix

So many fun and funny memories with our group happened at this boite de nuit (dance club) in the Montparnasse area.

6. Hillsong Paris

Hillsong Paris was such a blessing and really shaped my experience in Paris. I love Hillsong’s music and was so excited to visit their Paris church-plant. Aside from my own excitement prior to visiting, it was really cool to see how a bilingual church works. It also gave me great perspective on French culture and helped me feel more at home in a foreign city.

7. Top of the Arc de Triomphe

This one might make me sound a bit touristy, but I don’t care. Climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, inhaler in hand, and totally winded was so worth it. Staring down at the glittering lights of a huge city makes you feel tiny, but grand with the ability to accomplish anything at the same time.

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